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Elk Grove Counseling

Personal Growth is Only a Phone Call Away!

The mission of Elk Grove Counseling is to provide effective, caring, and compassionate care to the diverse Elk Grove and Sacramento community.  It is believed that the main goal of counseling is to assist and guide individuals, couples and families, through quality listening, acceptance, understanding, thoughtful responses, and to experience greater well-being through highly skilled, professional help.  The client is the expert of themselves and their family, and the therapist is merely a tool to assist and guide each person, through their own strengths and inner wisdom to find their own path to their highest good.


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*Marital and couples counseling

*Individual and family counseling

*Pre-marital counseling

*Relationship, intimacy, and communication issues

*Affairs or Divorce



*Anxiety, panic disorders, and phobias

*Reduce fear, guilt and shame

*Child abuse/neglect survivors

*Bereavement, grief, and loss


*Crisis intervention

*Chronic pain and living with illness, physical challenges

*Bereavement, grief, and loss

*Low self-esteem

*Insomnia/ Excessive fatigue

*Assertiveness training

*Changing unwanted behavior and resolve long standing conflicts

*Changing self-defeating patterns and bad habits

*Relaxation techniques

*Personal and Spiritual growth

*Goal setting/ Decision making

*Life & Career transitions and development

*Life and career coaching

*Guided meditation

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All About Therapy

Personalized Attention for All Your Needs


Approach to therapy:

Psychotherapy is an ideal space for healing work.  You should feel as relaxed and safe as possible.  From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll notice sense of safety and security within the offices.  Once  you’re able to function more normally and harmoniously again, you feel lighter, and leave feeling a great sense of serenity, relief and happiness.

My approach is assisting individuals in setting realistic goals and outcomes, and finding solutions to problems through caring, compassionate, and skilled therapy.  I believe in the inherent potential of all individuals to grow, heal themselves, and their relationships with empathic and non-judgmental guidance from a supportive counselor.  Finding the right counselor is critical to your success and well-being.  When you need to talk to someone, you need a professional who can help you enhance your quality of life and reduce problematic issues in your life.  My approach is person-centered, interactive, solution-oriented and transformational.  I focus on personal growth and affirm the dignity of all individuals, regardless of any specific attribute they possess.  I often assign “homework”, if the client is willing, to move therapy along at a pace that is comfortable for the client.  Together we will work to address your specific needs and find solutions to issues, which are affecting your life.

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Psychological Services

Guidance On Every Step of the Way


Personal Growth

Individual, career, marriage, and family obligations can be difficult and challenging.  They are often filled with unexpected hurdles and a wide variety of obstacles that take focused work and energy to overcome.  It is not easy to survive and flourish in this complex and complicated modern world.  I am here to help you manage the many stresses involved in day to day life.  Whether you suffer from stress and anxiety, depression, problems in interpersonal relationships, addictions, marital or relationship problems, child or family problems, or have conflicts in your spiritual beliefs meeting your every day needs, Elk Grove Counseling is designed to help with these burdens.  You will be given the tools to meet your needs with guidance and support in a positive and effective way with highly professional, personalized therapy.  In doing so you may obtain the highest level of fulfillment and happiness, together, and with your loved ones.

Often the pressure of work or a career leads to great stress and lack of fulfillment.  Sometimes your career has become stagnant and your work unsatisfying.  Talking to a skilled therapist can often assist in making those changes that you are dreading in a comfortable yet rewarding way.  It is important to take charge of your life and enjoy the successful, rewarding and satisfying life you are meant to have.  You can improve your relationships with others and significantly advance your professional life.  All these dreams are possible with professional counseling, career, and life coaching.

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Marital and Couples Counseling

Often people come to counseling when their relationships are in trouble.  It is through committed relationships that we often experience our most growth, including psychological, behavioral and spiritual insights.  It is through our relationships that we come in contact with our true selves.  In our relationships we realize, through our frustrations and struggles with our partners, our own unconscious agendas.  There is always a reason we have chosen our partner, but we often do see this at first.  Often people ask, “Why do I keep on choosing these kinds of partners?”  This is not by accident.  It is our unconscious self who is doing the choosing.  This unconscious choice is meant for our own health, personal growth, and healing. 

Our early experiences with our childhood caretakers teach us our early experiences of love.  It is these experiences that affect our patterns of perception and behavior in our current relationships.  This, in turn, often results in struggles and conflicts.  This is a normal part of the development of our attempts to merge our unconscious agenda, to try to get our relationship and love needs met with and through our partner.  Often our difficulties we experience arise from our lack of awareness about the purpose of our relationships.  We are trying to get our needs met by our partner which were not met in childhood.  Having this insight we are able to take responsibility for our needs and desires, ask that they be met in a loving way, and have empathy for our partner in their attempts to meet their needs.  This is when we move from the temporary romantic love and are able to realize a genuine, enduring relationship, focusing on true love and commitment.  At this point we are given the opportunity to rediscover the joy and satisfaction of being together in an intimate and loving connection.  Often people experience, due to this more intimate connection, the re-establishment of mutual respect and understanding, the feeling of being more sexually fulfilled, and the simple resolution of conflicts without blaming, yelling, nagging, or withdrawing.

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I love helping my patients develop the tools they need to cope with all of life’s challenges. Contact me today to learn more and book a session.

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